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3rd POCT Advances Conference: Decentralized Patient Care. Delivering on the Promise of Point of Care Testing

11 Mar 2023

Date: 11-12 March 2023  •  Location: Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi
CME accredited event

It is our great pleasure and honor to invite you to the 3rd POCT Advances Conference. The conference will address the key topics and issues around POCT in the decentralized patient care setting, i.e. Primary Care, Community Care, Urgent and Home Care.

The use of POCT in the acute care setting is widespread and accepted. However, the utilization of this disruptive technology outside of the traditional hospital environment is poor and fragmented. There are many reasons for this including:

  • Inadequate reimbursement from insurance companies
  • Lack of awareness of POCT solutions available
  • Insufficient confidence in the technology
  • Governance issues

This conference will explore these issues and more to understand why this transformative technology is not being universally adopted in primary, urgent, community and home care.

In the right circumstances POCT can deliver cost efficiencies to healthcare organizations and deliver improved patient outcomes.

Key Topics

  • Where is POCT in Primary Care Strategies
  • POCT Reimbursement Issues
  • Clinical Effectiveness of POCT in the Decentralized Environment
  • Oversight and Management of POCT Outside of the Hospital Setting
  • POCT Digital Health Applications
  • POCT in Home and Community Care

Why Attend?

POCT is the fastest growing discipline in laboratory medicine, both in the acute and non-acute care setting. In many cases, it is seen as a key component in the delivery of sustainable healthcare in the future.

In the primary care setting, POCT is poorly resourced, poorly managed and poorly understood. This is hampering the full potential of the technology to deliver improved patient outcomes and deliver financial efficiencies.

Why is this the case? The 3rd POCT Advances Conference will address these important issues.

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Target Audience

  • Department of Health Management and Leadership across the GCC
  • Department of Health Regulators
  • Primary, Community and Urgent Care Center Management
  • Public Health Officials
  • Healthcare Finance and Insurance Reimbursement
  • Medical, Clinical and Nursing Staff Employed in the Non-Acute Care Setting
  • Insurance Companies
  • Laboratory and Pathology Leadership
  • Mobile Health Companies
  • Laboratory Technologists