Our Services

Providing clients the complete spectrum of clinical testing services.

Referral Testing

National Reference Laboratory’s (NRL) test menu consists of more than 5,000 tests, it includes a comprehensive range of services from routine tests to highly specialized laboratory tests including genomics, human leukocyte antigen testing, newborn screening, oncology and rare diseases.

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Laboratory Management

NRL provides complete onsite laboratory management solutions, ideal for facilities looking to partner with a specialist laboratory operator. Our laboratory management solutions ensure the delivery of high quality patient care whilst increasing efficiencies and reducing costs. 

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Occupational Health

NRL provides a range of occupational health testing services aligned to meet your organization’s needs. NRL has a wealth of experience providing these services to a diverse range of organizations, including corporate medical centers, visa screening centers and companies from different industries such as oil and gas, aviation, construction and hospitality. 

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