Occupational Health

National Reference Laboratory (NRL) provides a range of occupational health testing services aligned to meet your organization’s needs. NRL has a wealth of experience providing these services to a diverse range of organizations, including corporate medical centers, visa screening centers and companies from different industries such as oil and gas, aviation, construction and hospitality.

Importance of Occupational Health Testing

Employee health testing provides your staff with health knowledge they may not have been aware of and can help them to have a healthy lifestyle. Periodic assessment of employees can also safeguard the health and well-being of the workforce. 

Health programs of this nature show that the company cares about their wellbeing which promotes a positive workplace. 

Occupational Health Services

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing

    Drug and alcohol screening can improve workplace safety and helps to identify employees at risk of harmful lifestyle choices. 

    We offer an extensive drug and alcohol testing menu that includes a wide range of testing methods. Our comprehensive drug and alcohol testing services includes: 

    • Pre-employment drug and alcohol screening 
    • Random drug and alcohol screening 
    • For-cause/suspicion drug and alcohol screening 
    • Post-incident drug and alcohol screening 

    NRL offers a variety of drug testing options which include urine, hair and blood. 

  • Medical Surveillance

    Monitoring of the exposure of your employees to hazardous substances is vital step to minimize their health risks in the workplace. NRL can provide testing and customized test panels specific to your industry and workplace.  

    Comprehensive blood and urine testing to monitor employees’ exposure to toxic metals and chemicals, such as:  

    • Lead, mercury, arsenic and cadmium 
    • Benzene and toluene 
    • Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) 
    • Chlorinated pesticides  
  • Employee Wellness

    Studies have shown that effective employee wellness programs lead to increased productivity, higher job satisfaction, reduced absenteeism and increase in employers’ morale. 

    NRL offers a wide range of customized diagnostic and preventive test panels to: 

    • Meet the needs of your workforce demographics 
    • Support your on-site company-sponsored health events 
    • Achieve your employee wellness objectives 

    The test panels include packages tailored for executives, men and women, as well as job and age specific tests.  

  • Visa Screening

    National Reference Laboratory offers testing for the UAE mandatory visa screening and has a proven track record in providing high volume testing services. 

    NRL is able to process high volume of samples with a rapid turnaround time owing to its fully-automated laboratory system and the advanced connectivity solutions that allow interfacing with the information system of the client facility. 

    Test results are available within: 

    • Standard service: 24 hours 
    • Fast-track service: 12 hours 
    • VIP service: 4 hours 
  • COVID-19 Testing

    NRL is proud to be part of the national effort to combat the spread of COVID-19 and support the government’s high test-volume strategy to ensure the safety of the UAE residents and citizens.  

    We can provide corporate testing packages for COVID-19 on both a regular and ad-hoc basis.  

    Our laboratories in Abu Dhabi and Dubai operate 24/7 and have a high daily testing capacity, enabling us to support large volume collections. NRL were the first laboratory in the UAE to obtain ISO accreditation for COVID-19 PCR and serology testing.