LabCorp (USA)

LabCorp® provides leading-edge diagnostic tests and services through a network of primary clinical laboratories and its specialty testing group. With scientific expertise in esoteric testing, genomics, clinical and anatomic pathology, and a commitment to comprehensive and high quality laboratory services, LabCorp delivers accurate results for improved patient care. LabCorp clients include physicians, government agencies, managed care organizations, hospitals, clinical labs, and pharmaceutical companies. LabCorp employs a large scientific staff that includes MDs and PhDs available for testing support and consultation.

Chief Medical Officer
Dorothy M. Adcock (Funk), MD

Medical and Scientific Directors
Mark E. Brecher, MD
Kim Dickinson, MD, MBA, MPH
Marcia Eisenberg, PhD
James K. Fleming, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer
Marcia Eisenberg, PhD

Divisional Medical Directors

James B. Amberson, MD
Alicia Carter, MD
Kyle L. Eskue, MD
Sean E. Farrier, MD
Araceli B. Reyes, MD
Nathan Thomas Scanzillo, PhD
PraveenaYetur, MD

Discipline Directors

André A. Valcour, PhD

Clinical Toxicology
Ray Gegen
Karla B. Walker, PharmD

Anatomic Pathology
James Amberson, MD Alicia Carter, MD

Coagulation, Core Lab
Benjamin A. Nye, MT(ASCP)SH
André A. Valcour, PhD

Biochemical Genetics
Suzette Huguenin, PhD Philip Wyatt, MD, PhD

Coagulation, Esoteric
Dorothy M. (Adcock) Funk, MD

Peter Papenhausen, PhD
Bing Huang, MD, PhD

Uwe Heine, PhD
George C. Maha, JD, PhD

Donald Walt Chandler, PhD
Randolph M. Young, PhD

Mark E. Brecher, MD
Laura McClannan

Esoteric Immunoassay
Kelly Y. Chun, PhD
André A. Valcour, PhD

Kim Dickinson, MD, MBA, MPH
Evelyn Vazquez

Esoteric Microbiology
Barbara A. Body, PhD

Joe Adams

Flow Cytometry
Janita Hughes Douglas
Horacio G. Vall, PhD

Infectious Disease Immunology
Mary Ann Meiser

Fluorescent in situ Hybridization
Kathleen E. Richkind, PhD
James H. Tepperberg, PhD

Manual Microbiology
Howard David Engler, PhD
Kevin M. Harvey, PhD
Rita Stainback

Forensic Toxicology
Glynn Chaney
Jennifer A Collins, PhD
PrabhakaranKoteel, PhD

Mass Spectrometry
Russell Phillip Grant, PhD
Gregory Clark Janis

Cherie HilbornDunphy, MD
Ronald Wayne Thomason, MD

Stuart Schwartz, PhD

Betty M. Garvin Burns

Molecular Genetics and Genomics
NarasimhanNagan, PhD

Ronald Wayne Thomason, MD

Molecular Microbiology
Barbara A. Body, PhD
Melinda B. Nye, PhD

Histology/Cytology Li Cai, PhD
Henry Y. Dong, MD, PhD

Molecular Infectious Disease
Charles P. Cartwright, PhD
Jeannette M. Whitcomb, PhD

Molecular Microbiology
Barbara A. Body, PhD
Melinda B. Nye, PhD

Molecular Oncology
Li Cai, PhD
Henry Y. Dong, MD, PhD

Quality Control
Alexander L. Katayev, MD
Randolph M. Young, PhD

Routine Chemistry
Thomas S. Herman, PhD
Arthur Zebelman, PhD

Satellite Labs and Waived Testing
James Kyle Farquhar, PhD
Bill Scales, PhD

Special Chemistry
Randolph M. Young, PhD

Specimen Quality
Mark Sharp
H. Thomas Spillman, PhD