In Partnership with Dubai Health Authority (DHA) National Reference Laboratory (NRL) Links its Laboratory Information System with the Comprehensive Medical Record System “Salama”

Published on : 17 December 2017
Location : Dubai
  • Two-way real-time interfacing between NRL’s Laboratory Information System and DHA’s Electronic Medical Record system (EMR) is set to enhance quality and patient outcomes, offering multiple operational and financial benefits.
  • Out of the more than 4,700 tests offered by NRL, 2,000 different laboratory tests have now been interfaced between NRL and DHA, providing DHA physicians direct and automated access to those tests.

Abu Dhabi-UAE: 17 December 2017 - National Reference Laboratory (NRL), part of Mubadala Investment Company’s network of world-class healthcare providers, announced the successful completion and operation of the interface project between NRL’s Laboratory Information Systems and Salama, Dubai Health Authority’s (DHA) new Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system that went live in April this year. NRL is managed by LabCorp®, a leading global life sciences company that is deeply integrated in guiding patient care, providing comprehensive clinical laboratory and end-to-end drug development services.

Salama is an integrated electronic medical record system across DHA’s network and includes information related to patients’ medical history and treatment information, and is available to DHA’s physicians at the click of a button.

Through the bi-directional real-time interface connecting the DHA and NRL, DHA’s physicians now have access to NRL’s menu of sophisticated testing solutions, allowing doctors to automatically send test orders to NRL, and for test results performed by NRL to be sent and stored in each patient’s unique EMR.

The system provides many benefits, including faster, real-time results, and reduced risk of human error which in turn will improve quality and patient care. Since 70% of diagnostic decisions are informed by laboratory test results, this initiative will greatly enhance medical care provided to DHA patients. It also brings economic benefits to the DHA by increasing efficiencies due to process automation, reduced work duplication, optimized use of manpower, and paper-less processes.

“The Salama Project, the first of its kind in the Middle East region, is a comprehensive electronic system applied in all DHA healthcare facilities, including hospitals, primary healthcare, medical fitness centers, and specialized centers. The project creates a uniform individual e-record of an individual patient’s medical information, enabling the physician to easily obtain the patient’s file, regardless of where the patient was last treated within the DHA network,” said His Excellency Humaid Mohammed Al Qatami, Board Chairman and Director General of DHA.

His Excellency also mentioned that the project does not only represent a technological transformation in the healthcare system, but also demonstrates an advanced framework for medical services that exceeds patients’ expectations, and guarantees their satisfaction, happiness and comfort. As such, the Salama Project will enhance the patient experience at DHA hospitals, centers, and health clinics, and will ensure that each interaction is an outstanding and reliable one.

His Excellency Al Qatami extended DHA’s appreciation of the integral role played by NRL and its staff, and highlighted its contribution to enhancing the means of protection against diseases and supporting the trends of modern medical diagnosis. He further emphasized the importance of NRL’s link with the “Salama” system by improving treatment opportunities and mitigating the negative impact of various diseases within the community, highlighting the value in NRL’s application of state-of-the-art connectivity solutions, which are consistent with the advanced system of “Salama” project.

In this regard, His Excellency addressed the importance of building partnerships and facilitating channels of cooperation between various healthcare facilities and organizations, its value in serving the community, protecting its members, and enhancing the general health policy in the country.

“Since its inception, NRL has worked and invested in advanced connectivity and integrated information systems, enabling us to become the first referral lab in the UAE to provide interface solutions to clients that enable the direct connection and two-way communication between the clients’ and NRL’s information systems. We are proud that the DHA trusted us to work closely together and ensure the seamless execution of the laboratory part of the Salama system. We extend our congratulations to the DHA team for its vision, determination, and efforts to realize this innovative project,” said Abdul Hamid Oubeisi, Chief Executive Officer of NRL.

Out of the more than 4,700 tests offered by NRL, 2,000 different laboratory tests have now been interfaced between NRL and DHA, giving DHA’s physicians direct and automated access to those tests.

As per an announcement by Dubai Health Authority, the first two phases of the project to transition to a paperless system, implemented at Rashid Hospital and Dubai Hospital, among other DHA facilities, are now complete. The recent completion of the third phase of the project took place in November 2017, and involves all healthcare facilities under the DHA umbrella adopting a modern and digitized medical records database.