National Reference Laboratory is the first standalone laboratory in the region to apply the advanced Cerner Laboratory Information System (LIS) as the backbone of our automation and expansion capabilities. All instruments and quality monitors are interfaced to the Laboratory Information System (LIS), allowing the immediate identification of issues prior to reporting patient results.

Furthermore, acknowledging the importance of test ordering and results management as key to all pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical processes in medical laboratories, National Reference Laboratory has implemented Cerner Webconnect to provide clients with an online solution for tests ordering and results reporting.

Using Cerner WebConnect for online test ordering and reporting brings multiple benefits to the clients and the organization such as the following:

Benefits of Online Ordering

  • Online test order entry will ensure reduction of data entry errors, thus provide a more efficient turn-around-time (TAT) of tests and reduced sample rejection
  • Creates a paper light environment and process for both National Reference Laboratory and clients’ facility to ensure higher efficiency and greater patient safety
  • Repetitive test ordering is performed in a very efficient manner with the option to create a “Favorites Test Menu”
  • A comprehensive test menu is incorporated in the same system to enable easier test look-up

Benefits of Results Viewing

  • Real-time test result reporting
  • Easily find results enabled by the dynamic search engine;
  • Option to track specimens’ status (pre-analytic, analytic and post-analytic stages)
  • Capability to generate trending reports
  • Capability to track utilization reports
  • Option to view results reports by test category

To download the Cerner WebConnect User's Manual, click the below button. 

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