Laboratory Management

National Reference Laboratory provides complete on-site laboratory management solutions to facilities where laboratory management is not one of their core services. Subcontracting laboratory management provides an opportunity to increase efficiencies and cost savings

The Laboratory provides customized services according to the needs of the client, under any model across the entire spectrum of laboratory business models, from typical laboratory outsourcing to full laboratory management. This includes hybrid models where technicians are employed by the client with physician services provided by National Reference Laboratory (on a full or part-time basis), through to a complete management service where the client completely outsources all staffing and operations to National Reference Laboratory.

The services that NRL can provide to the client include but are not limited to:

  • Laboratory planning
    • a. Laboratory layout and design
    • b. Laboratory equipment planning
    • c. Laboratory test menu planning
    • d. Laboratory staffing planning
  • Laboratory installation
    • a. Purchase all equipment and supplies at completive prices due to our purchasing power as one of the largest buyers for lab equipment and materials in the UAE
    • b. Install LIS or establish custom interfaces between LIS and EHR.
    • c. Provide access to online test ordering and reporting client portal.
  • Laboratory operations
    • a. Develop standard operating procedures.
    • b. Train and employ laboratory technologists and pathologists.
    • c. Analyze specimens and report test results for all in-house testing.
    • d. Schedule preventive maintenance for equipment through vendor support.
    • e. Logistical support in temperature-controlled, GPS-monitored vehicles to transport your specimens to our reference laboratories.
  • Laboratory oversight
    • a. Implement a quality management program capable of completing a CAP inspection during the first 12 months of service.
    • b. Perform risk assessment to comply with EHSMS.


National Reference Laboratory manages several external laboratories with a proven track record in laboratory management competences. Specifically, in addition to the three fully owned laboratories, National Reference Laboratory fully manages the laboratories of Healthpoint Hospital in Zayed Sport City, Abu Dhabi as well as the laboratories of Imperial College London Diabetes Centre in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. In partnership with Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, National Reference Laboratory manages the technical component of the joint Anatomic Pathology Laboratory and is responsible for all of Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s laboratory referral testing.
NRL’s network includes three additional laboratories, each located on the client’s premises and managed by NRL: ​​​​​​Valiant Clinic in Dubai; Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital in Abu Dhabi and Neuro Spinal Hospital in Dubai Science Park.
Building on the current laboratory management model, National Reference Laboratory continues to grow the network of managed facilities.

Supporting systems

National Reference Laboratory has implemented numerous advanced system solutions in order to scale and seamlessly add laboratories to its network of managed laboratories. Through these systems, National Reference Laboratory also provides diverse services to clients, driving continuous process improvements, increasing quality, ensuring consistency and increasing laboratory efficiencies to provide high quality results with shorter turn-around times and support.

National Reference Laboratory is the first standalone laboratory in the region to apply the advanced Cerner Laboratory Information System as the backbone of its automation and expansion capabilities.  All instruments and quality monitors are interfaced with the Laboratory Information System (LIS), allowing the immediate identification of issues prior to reporting patient results.

National Reference Laboratory connectivity solutions include the implementation of Cerner Webconnect, providing clients with an online solution for tests ordering and results reporting. Through the full integration with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and LIS through a HL7 interface, the Laboratory ensures real-time results reporting, increasing all internal efficiencies of send-out tests management with the final goal of providing better patients care.

The Laboratory has unified instrumentation (including unified reference ranges and training standards) at all its fully automated owned and managed labs. All labs are linked to National Reference Laboratory with an advanced LIS that enables a unified patient record across the National Reference Laboratory network of laboratories.

As documentation management is a large part of Laboratory Quality Management, National Reference Laboratory uses a dedicated centralized document management system (QPulse) as a crucial tool to support the expansion of the Laboratory and its capability to manage multiple laboratories.

In addition to our team of dedicated Technical Support Representatives and in-house Call Center, NRL has implemented an automated ticketing system to manage client inquiries and to ensure timely responses to clients’ requests.