What is an IT interface solution?

An IT interface is a bi-directional communication setup that connects the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) of medical facilities to a Laboratory Information System (LIS) allowing for:

  • Real-time test ordering from within the EMR
  • Reporting of results in the EMR instantaneously upon their release by the laboratory

What is the technology behind it?

Cerner Millennium’s LIS Pathnet* is an information system capable of
interfacing with almost all the major EMRs and LISs in the market, through a HL-7 compatible port.

How does it work?

The IT teams of NRL and the client collaborate to set-up the interface and
build-in the test menu that the client will use. The initial process takes 4-6 weeks, and the subsequent completion depends on the size of the test menu. When operational, the user (physicians and/ or laboratory professionals) is able to order tests, and receive results, from NRL conveniently through their own clinic/ laboratory software.

Who is the interface solution for?

  •  Facilities which have HL7-compatible EMR systems
  •  Facilities looking to increase patient satisfaction, quality and operational efficiencies
  •  Facilities looking to decrease costs

*NRL is the only referral laboratory outside the United States to have implemented this system for its laboratory operations as the backbone of its automation and expansion capabilities.

Benefits for healthcare providers

Happier patients and physicians

  •  Faster and easier test ordering, and faster results reporting
  •  Option to print laboratory results in clients’ own report formats
  •  Option to receive results in discrete or PDF formats

Improved operational, and cost, efficiencies

  • Recovers the clients’ investment in a few months and generates further savings
  • Eliminates manual and paper-based processes, which reduces pre-analytical errors and increases efficiency
  • Facilitates the commercial scalability of the facility, which allows for increased test volumes without additional resources

Quality assurance and other organizational benefits

  • Facilitates quality audits
  • Allows traceability and sample status transparency throughout its journey
  • Allows for system standardization, which is important for healthcare organizations with multiple branches
  • Supports business continuity and disaster recovery

Successful interface implementation

NRL has successfully implemented interface connections with leading private and governmental healthcare facilities in the UAE. NRL has a real time bi-directional interface with its strategic partner LabCorp. This allows any result validated in LabCorp’s LIS to be automatically and instantaneously released to NRL clients.

Dubai Health Authority’s Salama Project

The Salama project of the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) ensures that a unified patient electronic medical record is available throughout the complete DHA network at the click of a button. Following the completion of the Salama project in November 2017, H.E. Humaid Mohammed Al Qatami, Board Chairman and Director General of DHA, extended DHA’s appreciation of the integral role played by NRL. He highlighted the value of NRL’s state-of-the-art connectivity solutions, which are compatible with the advanced systems of the Salama project.

For more information and a demo of the interface, please contact us at:
+971-800-NRL (675)

  • Doctor orders the laboratory test in their Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

`             * Optional Step: The test order is validated in the on-site laboratory of the facility

  • Patient sample is sent to NRL’s laboratory
  • Laboratory test order is received in the Laboratory Information System (LIS) of NRL’s testing laboratory
  • Sample is analyzed and the result is reported in the LIS
  • Test result is received in real-time in the doctor’s EMR