• HRBP - HR Operations

    Location : Abu Dhabi Ref : JD-HR-1011 Date : 11/08/2018

    This role is located in Abu Dhabi and it is a temporary 1 year contract. The HRBP will design and develop an integrated HR Services department. The challenges of this role will include the integration of a competency framework, strategic HR planning, resource allocation and talent management strategies. The HRBP will have a vital, proactive role to play in the operations of the laboratory, providing guidance and support to regional leadership team and employees in support of the business objectives. The HRBP will direct and coordinate human resources activities, such as employment, compensation, employees relations, benefits, and employee services. This role also calls for frequent interaction with the UAE Immigration and Labour authorities .

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  • Senior Marketing Officer

    Location : Dubai Ref : JD-BD-1006 Date : 11/08/2018

    The Senior Marketing Officer will develop and implement an integrated Marketing & Communications plan, oversee production of collaterals and promotional materials, brand management, and launch PR campaigns and programs that will enhance awareness and interest of domestic (UAE) and international (GCC) prospective clients. Identify, plan, facilitate and participate in promotional activities such as exhibitions, conferences and seminars.

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  • Senior Laboratory Medical Technologist

    Location : Dubai Ref : JD-TD-1014 Date : 11/08/2018

    The Senior Laboratory Medical Technologist has a defined set of department responsibilities that is based on their additional years of practice or specific years of experience, training or education. They serve as another level of expertise in the department hierarchy and work under the supervision of the department assistant supervisor or supervisor and they have a critical role in the successful execution and implementation of the Quality Management System (QMS) in all phases of the pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical laboratory processes.

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  • Project Management Officer (PMO) - UAE National

    Location : Abu Dhabi Ref : JD-PMO-1086 Date : 11/08/2018

    The Project Management Officer (PMO) is responsible for the definition and outcome of the processes for all NRL projects. The PMO will work closely with all levels of management to ensure the scope of each project is defined and evaluated against NRL departmental projects for resource allocation and timely completion.

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  • Technical Director

    Location : Abu Dhabi Ref : JD-TD-5065 Date : 11/08/2018

    The Technical Director's responsibilities are diverse and relate to assessing new technology, general laboratory operations, staffing needs, workflow fluctuation and management, and customer service. In effect the Technical Director assists the Medical Director to plan, develop, organize, implement, direct and evaluate NRL’s laboratory operations and performance.

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  • Medical Laboratory Technologist - UAE National

    Location : Abu Dhabi Ref : JD-TD-1013 Date : 11/08/2018

    NRL's Laboratory Technologists, also known as Medical Laboratory Technologists or Biomedical Scientists, are allied health professionals who perform a variety of duties regarding the receipt, preparation, analysis and disposal of specimens for laboratory testing.

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