Medical and Scientific Team

Medical and Scientific Team

Dr Val Wide Min

Dr. Val Zvereff MD, PhD, FACMG

Head of the Molecular Diagnostic Department

Dr. Val Zvereff has more than 30 years’ international academic and clinical experience in the areas of molecular genetics and genomics, molecular oncology, clinical and laboratory operations, laboratory development and testing, quality assurance and control, and research analysis and development.  

Dr. Val’s extensive professional experience in the United States in molecular diagnostics includes tenures as National Discipline Director at LabCorp’s Center for Molecular Biology and Pathology; AVP and Director at ZytoGen Global Genetics Institute; and Clinical Director of the Rare Disorders Department at GeneDx.  

Dr. Val is a Fellow of American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics, as well as being a member of a number of professional organizations, including American Society of Human Genetics and American Association for Molecular Pathology.  


  • Molecular genetics  
  • Genomics  
  • Molecular oncology